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A couple’s gamble – creating bubbles by the thousands


The Buecher wine estate was born in 1979 to Jean-Claude and Sylviane Buecher. Before long, specializing in the making of Crémant d'Alsace became the next obvious step.
After a time-consuming construction of the cellar from 1980 to 1986, Jean-Claude and Sylviane procured a pneumatic press and subsequently equipped stainless steel vats.
Their project finally comes to fruition - Jean-Claude and Sylviane are autonomous!
They now have the freedom to create and assemble their different terroirs as they deem fit.
Their son Franck decides to board the family sparkler train in 2005. With experience passed on to him by his parents, the young alchemist takes it to another level by extending the aging time of different vintages.
From that point, the Buecher domain expands its storage cellar and thus enters a new era.

  • Wine storehouse construction

    Wine storehouse construction.

  • The Press

    Acquisition of a pneumatic press.

  • Winery

    The stainless steel tanks are ready to receive the volume harvested.

  • The Son

    Franck Buecher joined the family estate after several experiences abroad.

  • Cellar enlargement

    The storage capacity is doubled.


Jean-Claude Buecher

Father, founder
Co-founder of the estate, he has devoted his life to pleasing the most refined palates. He also passes down his distilled valuable experience to his son.

Sylviane Buecher

Mother, administrator
Co-founder of the estate, she brilliantly orchestrates the tasting of our different Crémants, as well as the cellar and harvest organization.

Franck Buecher

Son, Alchemist
The latest addition to the estate, he oversees the work from the vineyard to the cellar, bringing the blends to life.

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harvesters pampering our grapes


hours between harvesting and pressing


months minimum aging on lees


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We reveal the secrets of our expertise to obtain this quality product.

From ground to bubble

Effervescence is born from our wine and our vineyard is its cradle. The quality of our sparkling wines depends on a multitude of details made at every stage of their lives. Our organic winery certification is in the works, planned for 2020.

We till the soil and thereby energize it so that the mineral-filled subsoil blends with the organic world on the surface. The mineral elements gathered up by the vines can be found in our grapes and thus improve their maturation. Harvesting the ripe fruit by hand enables us to select and sort the grape bunches before bringing them to the cellar.

The grapes are slowly and gently pressed to delicately extract the must. The juice, after clarification, ferments in tanks for several weeks. The alcoholic fermentation completed, the wine spends the winter cooling in its cocoon of stainless steel. In the summertime, the still wine is filtered to prepare it for its ultimate transformation.

The foaming process or bottle fermentation transforms still wine into sparkling wine. This development tenderly and elegantly shapes the bubble. Our sparkling wines are left to rest at least 24 months on lees. Quarterly disgorging guarantees the freshness of the product sold. This prolonged maturation gives our wines unctuousness, volume and finesse of the bubble.

  • Buttage
  • Décavaillonnage
  • Vendanges
  • Soutirage
  • Tirage
  • Remuage par gyropalette
  • Bac à glace de dégorgement
  • Dégorgement


Discover our terroirs and our grapes, covering 7 hectares on the outskirts of Colmar.


This geological origin lends its power and volume to the Crémant. The Pinot Blancs, Chardonnay and Pinot Noirs thrive in the rocky limestone-clay soil.
These types of soils are found on the hilltops of Wettolsheim (Grand Cru Steingrubler) and Wintzenheim (Grand Cru Hengst).


This geological origin imparts depth, finesse and length to our wines. Pinot Blancs are deeply rooted in this hard rock.
This type of soil is found on the high hills of Eguisheim (Grand Cru Pfersigberg).


This geological origin brings elegance, freshness and fruit to the Crémant du Domaine. The Pinot Noirs and Pinot Auxerrois explore the secrets of this extremely friable rock.
This type of soil is found on the high hills of Walbach, a small wine village located at the entrance of the Munster Valley.


Some glimpses of our winery and its everyday environment throughout the seasons.


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